If you are planning to end your marriage in Wichita, KS, your divorce is likely to have a significant influence on your life in many ways for many years to come. It’s natural to have many questions about what to expect from your divorce proceedings and the most likely outcomes you can expect to see as your divorce is finalized. In addition, many people worry about the potential cost of legal representation for their divorces.

Many Americans assume that legal fees are prohibitively expensive and only the very wealthy can afford to hire the best lawyers to represent them in divorces and other legal disputes. This is not entirely true, and there are several methods you might employ to reduce the overall cost of your legal fees from a Wichita divorce attorney. One of these methods is choosing limited scope representation, an option many divorce attorneys offer to clients who only require professional legal assistance with certain aspects of their divorces.

What Is Limited Scope Representation?

Limited scope representation is an alternative to hiring a lawyer to handle every aspect of your divorce. If you believe you only require legal counsel for certain aspects of your divorce and you can manage the rest on your own, limited scope representation may be best for your situation. As the term suggests, limited scope representation allows you to choose which aspects of your divorce your attorney will handle:

  • Suppose you and your spouse are relatively agreeable and have already negotiated the majority of your divorce terms on your own. In that case, your limited scope attorney could focus on the procedural aspects of your case, handling court filings on your behalf, and helping you meet other procedural obligations your case imposes.
  • Suppose you and your spouse intend to resolve your divorce through alternative dispute resolution and are amicable toward one another. In that case, you may only require an attorney for the final phases of your divorce mediation process. Your attorney can oversee the drafting of your divorce agreement to ensure it aligns with relevant state laws and your best interests.
  • You could have an attorney help you with financial disclosure and gathering the other documentation and materials you might require for completing your divorce, ultimately saving you a significant amount of time.
  • It’s possible to hire an attorney in a consultation capacity, deferring to their experience when you are unsure of approaching a specific aspect of your case. Most attorneys bill their services by the hour, so if you only take up a few hours of your attorney’s time, you may not pay very much at all in legal fees by the end of your divorce case.

Ultimately, limited scope representation from a Wichita divorce lawyer allows you to tailor your legal services to your needs. This can be beneficial to anyone set on taking charge of their own divorce or anyone who simply wishes to save as much money as possible on their divorce proceedings.

Benefits of Limited Scope Representation

Most divorce attorneys in the Wichita area are willing to offer limited scope representation. This is mutually beneficial for clients and attorneys. Clients can secure the exact level of professional legal representation they need while attorneys remain flexible enough to represent additional clients.

The primary benefit of choosing limited scope representation is saving money on your legal fees for your divorce case. However, it is vital to remember that limited scope representation is best for very straightforward divorces. If your divorce involves very complex issues if you and your spouse cannot agree to anything, or if you are a high-net-worth individual, you likely require more comprehensive legal counsel. Limited scope representation could leave you vulnerable in many ways.

If you face a challenging divorce, or if your divorce involves very personal issues that you do not feel comfortable discussing with strangers, it is natural to feel apprehensive about securing legal counsel. However, do not let this prevent you from securing the legal representation you need when you need it. Your attorney cannot divulge anything said in confidence under attorney-client privilege. The more information you provide to them, the more they can individualize their legal services to your unique needs.

What to Expect From a Good Wichita Divorce Attorney

It’s natural to be concerned about the potential cost of your attorneys’ fees in a divorce case, especially when your divorce is likely to pose significant financial implications for you and your family for the foreseeable future. While you may wish to save as much money as possible on your legal fees, it is vital to understand the value of reliable legal representation in a Wichita divorce case.

Divorce is an inherently emotional situation. Even if you are convinced your marriage needs to end and it has become a toxic relationship you must escape, the emotional aspects of divorce can make it incredibly difficult for anyone to manage while maintaining an utterly objective mindset. You can consider your Wichita divorce attorney as a check and balance system that allows you to maintain a clear view of the bigger picture in your divorce case.

Your attorney can also provide valuable insights throughout your divorce case, uncovering avenues of consideration that you may have overlooked on your own. Your divorce is likely to change your life in many different ways for years to come, and your attorney’s professional experience is a valuable asset that can help you make more informed decisions about various aspects of your divorce.

Ultimately, every divorce is unique, and everyone who undergoes the process will have unique needs and goals they must address in the manner that feels most appropriate to them. As you prepare for your divorce in Wichita, take time to consider the level of legal representation you think you need. Limited scope representation can allow you to tailor your legal counsel to your needs, streamline your divorce case, and provide valuable reassurance as you navigate a complex and emotionally stressful process. Take time to consult an experienced Wichita divorce attorney as soon as possible once you have decided to divorce.