Know how to establish paternity in Kansas

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in paternity on Friday, May 22, 2020.

Many men who have children want to care for their children. While they don’t necessarily need to have legal documentation to do this, some decide that they want the legal acknowledgement of paternity. There are a few ways that this can happen. Regardless of which method is used, an establishment of paternity has several benefits for the child, the mother and the father.

You can sign an acknowledgement of paternity to get this done, but you should only do this if you’re absolutely sure you’re the father. There are some circumstances that mean you won’t be able to do this. If she was separated but not divorced at the time of the birth or within 300 days from when the baby was born, you shouldn’t use the form.

The other option for establishing paternity is through genetic testing. This is done through a cheek swab at a licensed facility. The child and the man who’s presumed to be the father will undergo testing. If all parties won’t cooperate with the testing, it’s possible that the court will order it to be done.

Once a man is confirmed to be a child’s father, his name is recorded as the biological father. The child becomes eligible for financial support from their mother and father. This includes any government benefits the child is eligible for through the father. It also means that child support might come into the picture, and opens up the legal right of the father to seek visitation or custody of the children.

If you need to establish paternity, you should learn about your rights and responsibilities. Working with a lawyer familiar with this matter is beneficial.

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