How women can prepare financially for divorce

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in divorce on Monday, December 2, 2019.

The median income for women is significantly lower than that of men, and women in particular may suffer financially after a divorce. However, women in Kansas can also take steps that will help them get back on a secure financial footing before, during and after the divorce.

Before the divorce is underway, women should gather important documents about the family finances. This might include tax returns, bank statements, property titles and more. If they do not have credit in their own name, they may want to consider getting a credit card that they pay off monthly to build a credit record. They can also open an account in their own name. The existence of this account must be disclosed during the divorce process, but it can help in saving to pay for a divorce. Individuals may also want to consider getting a post office box to receive confidential mail.

Once the divorce is underway, it is important to make a budget for after the divorce. Things to consider include the costs of health insurance and the costs of a new place to live. As part of the divorce, there will be a process of property division, and women may leave the marriage with some assets. In addition, women should not hesitate to seek support from a counselor, a support group or friends.

Another thing people may want to consider is whether they will be able to reach a divorce settlement through mediation or a collaborative divorce or if litigation is likely. They should not assume that successful mediation is unlikely simply because the divorce is contentious. In mediation, the focus is on resolving conflict and finding a solution that satisfies everyone. An attorney may be able to help a woman protect her finances during mediation or the more adversarial process of litigation.

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