Steps to positive co-parenting

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in child custody on Saturday, April 6, 2019.

For divorcing parents in Kansas, the thought of working collaboratively with their former partner can seem all but impossible. However, this is exactly what is needed in order to raise children after a divorce. A high level of consciousness is required in making this happen and that can include reminding oneself of some guidelines along the way.

Very Well Family recommends that parents find a way to both develop a schedule that maps out when kids will be with each parent but simultaneously leave the door open for changes that may be needed at times. This type of flexibility may be necessitated by a change in the child’s schedule or activities, the illness of a parent or other family member or more. Regardless of the reason, accommodating life’s unexpected happenings with grace can help teach children how to do this as well.

Psychology Today adds that moms and dads make it a point to avoid saying anything negative about each other in the earshot of their kids. In fact, parents should find opportunities to say positive things about each other to their children. When together, such as at a school event or during an exchange, parents should treat each other kindly and engage in pleasant conversation. All of this serves to avoid kids being put in the middle of their parents and feeling like they have to choose sides.

When it comes to activities, parents should avoid the urge to constantly find exciting things to do. Sometimes, kids just need to have everyday life time with their parents and quieter moments can often be very rich ones.

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