Both parents arrested in custody dispute

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in child custody on Sunday, February 17, 2019.

It may be of little surprise that child custody proceedings in Wichita can become heated. The hope is that divorcing parents can put aside any negative feelings that they might have for each other and work together to come up with an amicable arrangement that truly is in their kids’ best interests. However, given the emotion that parents feel towards their children, expecting them to remain agreeable when their time with their kids appears threatened may be unrealistic. However, both parents involved in a custody dispute will both realize that any rash actions they may take might ultimately only impact their own chances of securing a favorable ruling.

In many cases where divorcing parents resort to drastic measures to try and keep their kid, they are the only ones who are panelized. Yet on rare occasions, both parents may be. That could certainly be in store for a New Jersey couple after both were arrested following a dispute over the custody of their daughter. Authorities were called in to investigate the abduction of a little girl by her father. He was later located in a nearby building and, after a long standoff with authorities, surrendered himself. Further investigation revealed that the child’s mother (who had contacted the police), had actually assisted the father in fleeing from authorities in an earlier encounter. Now, both parents face criminal charges.

Sadly, parents in situations similar to this that engage in similar activities may end up undermining both sides’ claims for custody. Those involved in such dispute would do better to simply work through their proceedings and spare their children from seeing the toll that their actions take on everyone involved. Those needing assistance in ensuring this happens may want to trust their cases to experienced family law attorneys.

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