Child custody disputes: getting over the obstacles

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in child custody on Friday, May 11, 2018.

It can often be difficult to draw the line with parenting after divorce. With separation already causing a major divide in normal family life, the different ways parents regard childrearing can spark extra discord. Many Kansas families find it challenging to fit into a new groove of living, especially with children involved. Some strategies may help make a situation more manageable.

While separated parents are well past the point of agreeing under one roof, Verywell Family’s list of pointers when dealing with parenting disagreements can help solve many disputes. Above all else, communication can patch up gray areas, such as different views on bedtime or even eating habits. Because every stage of childhood can be crucial, it is important for parents to continue working together to meet the needs of the child — even after a marriage has long ended. Verywell also discourages readers from arguing in front of children about parenting styles, as this can only perpetuate family tension.

Parents magazine also understands how, even for married parents, the idea of raising a child can transform over the years. When it comes to clashing parenting styles, Parents explains that these common points of contention can often involve differing family traditions. No matter how much a person may attempt to break onto a new path, many turn to parenting styles they witnessed their own parents exhibit. For some, calling on the help of a therapist can make complex matters seems clearer. No matter the point of the divorce, it can be shocking to find that parenting styles also seem like night and day; working over the hurdles can make life easer for everyone as they start this new life chapter.

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