Approaching a paternity test discussion

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in paternity on Wednesday, April 25, 2018.

Bringing up the topic of a paternity test alone is enough to throw most Kansas residents into a world of stress. Although ordering a test is possible without the mother or father’s knowledge, many would prefer to keep communication open — especially when it comes to family planning. Despite the fact that communication can help ease tension, many express confusion and worry over a paternity discussion and the procedures that follow.

Those who fear the big discussion looming ahead are not alone. DNA testing service Identigene understands this common concern, outlining some ways to approach a talk on paternity testing as smoothly as possible. The first step can often become the most difficult, as Identigene encourages readers to explain to partners why a paternity test is necessary in the first place. Going about this step in a positive manner can help the other partner understand the situation, leaving them more likely to participate in the testing. For both mothers and fathers, it can also be advantageous to discuss the future of the relationship, as well as plans for the child, depending on the outcome of the test.

Once a person has overcome the hurdle of discussing paternity testing, it can be difficult to commit all of the legal details to memory. The Kansas Department for Children and Families provides a brief rundown of the state’s child support services on its website. As for paternity tests by agreement, Kansas hospitals give unmarried parents the opportunity to acknowledge paternity; this step can allow the father to include his name on the birth certificate. Parents may also go visit the local court at a later time to complete this process. Of course, not every situation goes according to this plan, and parents grappling with paternity testing may look to the department for more information on the cost of genetic testing, enforcement actions and other aspects.

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